Japan, EC to research next-gen networks

Dylan Bushell-Embling
05 Jul 2013

Japan and the European Commission have teamed up for six research projects aimed at tackling the data deluge and moving towards the deployment of the 100Gbps internet.

Around €18 million ($23.2 million) has been allocated for the six projects, which cover areas including network capacity, high density data traffic, cybersecurity and energy efficiency.

The projects include STRAUSS, which aims to define, design and evaluate advanced Ethernet transport architecture for very high speed optical networks. The proposed network will use SDN principals on optical network virtualization and circuit and packet switching.

The MiWEBA project seeks to improve spectrum efficiency for ultra-high-speed wireless connections. GreenICN focuses on energy efficiency of telecom network.

The remaining initiatives revolve around enhancing personal data security, allowing real-time control of smart city sensors and setting up experimental platforms to help researchers test new network technologies.

“Our future internet should know no barriers, least of all barriers created because we did not prepare for the data revolution,” EC vice president Neeile Kroes said.

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