Jas Mobile said to give up on funding for 900-MHz bid

02 Mar 2016
Daily News

Rumors that Jas Mobile has given up on securing funding for its 900-MHz auction have been given credence by a story in the Bangkok Post that said CEO Pete Bodharamik had given up and wants the regulator to simply seize the auction deposit and be done with it.

The story quotes a series of anonymous sources stating that Pete’s father, former Commerce Minister Adisai Bodharamik, wants his son to continue the fight to launch a new mobile service to compliment its fixed-line broadband network. It states that ultimately the resolution depends on the outcome of the father-son discussion.

The report also said that potential strategic partners SK Telecom, Temasek and Chunghwa telecom had all withdrawn.

The Bangkok Post also cites an unnamed source at Bangkok Bank stating that Jas’ loan request had been denied for a second time.

TelecomAsia contacted Jasmine’s PR department for comment, but a spokesperson only apologized for not having any new information to offer at this time.

However, NBTC secretary-general Takorn Tantasit told media that he was still confident that Jas could pay by the deadline of 21 March.

This contrasts with NBTC telecoms chair Colonel Setthapong Malisuwan who has added to the speculation by repeatedly threatening to cancel Jas’ fixed-line licence and hold Jas responsible for any auction re-run costs if they do not pay by the deadline.

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