KVH debuts private cloud with SDN, NFV support

NetworksAsia staff
04 Aug 2014
Daily News

Japan-based KVH has launched a private cloud computing service that utilizes network virtualization software that supports software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV).

“Private Cloud Type-S” utilizes Midokura’s MidoNet network virtualization software, a network virtualization software that supports SDN/NFV and provides open and flexible next-generation cloud environments, which are based on the popular open source cloud management system "OpenStack."

Private Cloud Type-S will provide a virtual firewall, virtual L4 load balancer, and virtual L3 distributed routing and other key functions within a single platform using the OpenStack Cloud Controller. Normally, standard private cloud services require customers to separately purchase a firewall, a L4 load balancer, and a L3 distributed router as part of their service.

KVH claims that with the its private cloud service, 20-30% of the total IT cost of a private cloud environment can be reduced since key network functions such as load balancing, firewall, L3 distributed routing are included in Private Cloud Type-S, and enterprises will no longer need to purchase additional network equipment for those functions improving their overall cost efficiency.

Customers may change the configuration of multiple network devices on their own without learning network command lines or submitting any traditional paper-based request forms.

“Private Cloud Type-S” is positioned as a service expansion within KVH’s existing private cloud service portfolio. Pricing of “Private Cloud Type-S” has a one-time installation fee of 1 million yen ($9755) with a standard monthly recurring charge of 1 million yen (tax excluded).

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