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11 Jun 2013

Most Advanced Approach to CEM


Last year's winner:new category
Business segments:mobile operator
Chariman & CEO:Phil Mottram
Key stats (2012):Revenue of HK$6.89 billion ($887 million), up 10%; 1,700 employees

CSL has taken a different approach to getting close to the customer - its "Voice of Customer" program emphasizes leadership by example by having executives involved in frontline initiatives.

The company's entire leadership team is required to regularly listen to customer calls and work as frontline agents at its call center and retail stores. Aside from helping to drive a more customer-centric mindset from top to frontline, this exercise brings a fresh angle and understanding to the needs of internal and external customers.

CSL has also rolled out the NPS (net promoter score) system dubbed "Yan Hei" as the company captures both monthly strategic and daily operational metrics across its multiple customer support channels. The data enables the company to create feedback loops, take suggestions from customers and prioritize these into action plans.

In addition, the operator has undergone a core system replacement for its customer service and sales support. This major upgrade enables more flexible service plans, linking accounts more easily and provides proactive advice based on real-time user data.

"Operating a multi-freestanding brand strategy makes CSL unique in the Hong Kong," said CSL CEO Phil Mottram. He is referring to 1010, one2free, New World Mobility and several ethnic brands that target designated customer segments.He added that content platforms, which support multi-device lifestyles and deliver localized content that complements global platforms, drive differentiation for CSL.

Its Customer Service App has also been developed to enable customers to manage their data usage and value-added services.

"We are now able to proactively design service plans and packages, catering for device and usage behavior changes," said Mottram.

Judges' comment

"Offering multiple tiers, CSL created a branded customer experience for the premium segment that exceeds customer expectations. Powered by the knowledge of its customers, this operator is able to delight customers during their one-to-one interactions across all touch points."

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