Mass-market mobile broadband 'coming soon'


Mass-market mobile broadband 'coming soon'

Staff writer  |   June 16, 2010
CommunciAsia Show Daily
Show Daily: Mobile broadband has been extremely hot for the past 18 months. Despite their significant investments, operator revenue has increased only marginally. How can operators survive in this environment?
Cui Yi: From past experience in the telecom industry, new services need time to be mature and generate huge revenue.
There are two important issues, one is the maturity of the technology, the other is maturity of the market. The second factor is more important, which means customers are getting used to the new service, and the number of customers continue to grow. So that is the answer. The operators should let the customers get used to the mobile broadband service and later he can’t live without it. I am quite confident that this is coming soon.
Governments in Asia are pushing broadband networks as a means to fuel economic growth. How is ZTE benefiting from this trend?
Now governments in Asia are mainly focusing on pushing fixed-line broadband networks. They are giving subsidies to the operators to speed up the construction of the broadband network. ZTE has the most advanced solutions for our customers, so that is why ZTE is chosen by many operators to build their network.
What technologies are in highest demand?
For fixed-line broadband, FTTx is in the highest demand. For mobile broadband, obviously, HSPA+ and LTE are the hottest technologies.
How important is Asia to ZTE’s overall growth this year?
Asia is the fastest growing market in the world, so it will always play the most important role for ZTE’s global market push in the future. The key markets are China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. With the growth of wireless broadband, there has been a huge focus on the radio access.

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