Maxis allocates $164m for LTE rollout

Dylan Bushell-Embling
Daily News

Malaysia's Maxis has revealed it is on the verge of launching LTE services, and plans to invest 500 million ringgit ($163.7 million) rolling out its 4G network over the next three years.

The operator last week secured the required 2,600-MHz spectrum – along with seven other players - in an allocation by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.

In a press statement, Maxis CEO Sandip Das said the imminent launch will be the culmination of years of preparation.

“We have been trialing 4G LTE for two years and conducting extensive LTE interworking tests in a live network environment using commercial devices,” he said.

Maxis in July signed a deal with Redtone International to share LTE infrastructure and spectrum.

At the time, the operators revealed plans to commence LTE services early next year, starting in the Klang Valley.

Maxis already had a RAN sharing deal in place with U Mobile prior to reaching its agreement with Redtone. U-Mobile and Redtone both also secured 2,600-MHz spectrum during this month's allocation.

Sandip said the operator believes that “network sharing is key to the deployment of networks faster across the country, while optimising industry investments and avoiding duplication.” He said the companies between them have “a strong suite of LTE spectrum.”

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