Messaging: the future of mobile advertising

Messaging: the future of mobile advertising

Joseph Waring  |   January 28, 2010
Blyk co-founder Antti Öhrling is bullish on messaging as the best format for mobile advertising and says it’s an untapped opportunity for mobile operators.
Messaging currently accounts for about 55% of mobile advertising, with 25% going to apps/website and 20% to search.
Instead of being overshadowed by more sophisticated formats in the future, he believes messaging will continue to dominate because when relevant it creates engagement with the customer and enhances an operator’s service.
Öhrling, a keynote speaker at the TM Forum’s Asia event in Singapore yesterday, said customers say they preferred their services with the ads.
He points to a number of key advantages over other formats.
“It’s a simple, low-tech communications tool – based on a natural behavior that happens on a mobile phone. In addition, the in-box is always on, it’s viral and for advertisers it’s a fantastic platform that verifies that the message has been read.”

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