Microsoft opens IoT innovation center in Taiwan

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Networks Asia

Microsoft has opened its first IoT Innovation Center for the APAC region in Taiwan.

The center aims to offer cross-discipline technology transfer, strategic alliances, business model transformation and innovation opportunities. Taiwan was chosen because of its renowned high-tech and hardware manufacturing sectors.

The center will act as a link between regional IoT partners and the world, covering R&D project integration, technology development, and international collaboration.

As IoT solutions will need to be tested, verified, and improved via actual clients’ projects, the Innovation Center will also include an IoT Community Lab that provides partners with IoT technology training, professional consultation, and three IoT Scenario Labs, delivering tailor-made services, such as technology development, architecture design, and business consultation.

“The Microsoft IoT Innovation Center in Taiwan is our starting point for capturing the booming IoT opportunity in Asia,” Microsoft Cloud Enterprise GM Chris Phillips said during the Microsoft IoT Expo held in Taiwan.

“We aim to do this by accelerating the collaboration between Taiwan-based companies and global partners. We are already collaborating with close to 50 companies at the Innovation Center and based on the initial interest, we expect to have many more join us before the end of the year.”

Microsoft's regional ecosystem consists of 370 partners from Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, India, Japan, Korea and China and encompasses industries including manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and retail.

The company has been investing in growing the IoT ecosystem in Asia. About 50% of all companies that are Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT exist within the region.

Since the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on IoT with the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in Taiwan last October, Microsoft has actively promoted several IoT related industry and talent development programs. For example, the first DevDays Asia took place in Taiwan last April with presentations from over 10 scientists and architects.


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