Migration from Wimax Release 1 to Wimax Release 2

WiMAX Forum
19 Oct 2010

The WiMAX Forum is accelerating its development efforts to produce Release 2 equipment based on the upcoming IEEE Standard 802.16m.

The new release will offer significant coverage and capacity improvements over WiMAX Release 1. The development timeline for Release 2 targets early engineering trials by mid-2011, with WiMAX Forum certification of equipment by the end of 2011, early commercial availability by mid-2012, and general commercial availability with rich terminal offerings in 2013. Release 2 service offers a low-cost solution with seamless migration from Release 1.

The Release 2 base station will provide full support for Release 1 terminals already deployed using the Release 1 network.

This paper provides basic recommendations for migration from Release 1 to Release 2, assuming that the migration starts from specific typical Wimax network deployment scenarios.

This white paper originally published on the Wimax Forum

Continued:Wimax migration from Release 1 to Release 2 (Part 2)

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