Mobile is the answer to big data issues

Mobile is the answer to big data issues

Joseph Waring  |   February 27, 2014
Mobile is the secret sauce for big data, says SK Planet CEO Jinwoo Soo.
“Mobile has been the most powerful catalyst in enabling this big data era. It has been the main means for collecting and extending data, and a medium that customers feel extremely connected with.”
Speaking at keynote session at the Mobile World Congress yesterday, he says the industry is no longer working to define big data but is examining how to use it in our operations, what kind of value it can create for customers and how to deal with the challenges.
Soo believes mobile is the answer to most of those issues. “Mobile has not only totally changed the way of doing business in terms of collecting and using data, but also the way consumers collect and consume products and services in their daily lives.”
Bob Sell, Accenture group chief executive of communication, media & technology, says during the session that as firms combine internal and external data, they face challenges breaking down the internal silos to integrate that data into something of real value.
Some 80% of Accenture clients say they are currently working on some type of big data exercise, yet almost half of those firms see no value in that exercise.
Sell stresses that the key is to look at big data as a monetization opportunity – “what type of new offers and solutions can we provide clients?”


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