Mobile broadband subs to hit 2.3b in '14

Enterprise Innovation editors
15 May 2014
Daily News

By the end of the year, mobile broadband subscriptions will reach 2.3 billion globally, with penetration in the developed countries four times higher (84%) than in developing countries (21%), figures released recently by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) showed.

The majority (55%) of all mobile broadband subscriptions are expected to be in the developing world, with Asia-Pacific accounting for 23%.

Figures also indicate that by the end of 2014 there will be almost three billion internet users, two-thirds of them coming from developing countries. By end 2014, fixed broadband penetration will have reached almost 10% globally. Some 44% of these subscriptions are in Asia and the Pacific.

However, fixed telephone subscriptions continue to decline, a consistent trend in the past five years. By end 2014, there will be about 100 million fewer fixed telephone subscriptions than in 2009.

Meanwhile, mobile cellular subscriptions will reach almost 7 billion by end 2014, and 3.6 billion of these will be in the Asia-Pacific region. Africa and Asia Pacific, where penetration will reach 69% and 89% respectively by end 2014, are the regions with the strongest mobile cellular growth.

By end 2014, 44% of the world’s households will also have internet access. Close to one-third (31%) of households in developing countries will be connected to the internet, compared with 78% in developed countries. The analysis shows that household internet access is approaching saturation levels in developed countries.

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