Mobile video ecosystem and geofencing for licensed content delivery

5G Americas
23 Apr 2018

This 5G Americas white paper focuses on two critical issues that play significant factors in online digital video delivery: network and codec optimization and geographical filtering (geofencing) for licensed video content. The first part explores network and codec optimization. New delivery technologies improve the user experience while managing the required bandwidth to deliver a quality video experience. Meanwhile, new video codecs are at least 20% to 30% more efficient than legacy codecs.

The paper’s second part focuses on the use of geographical filtering (geofencing) for delivering licensed video content subject to geographical constraints under licensing agreements. It explores aspects such as the risk of location spoofing and the need for a trusted source to verify each device’s location. One challengeis the current lack of standards for communicating trusted network-based device location for a roaming device.

This white paper first appeared on 5G Americas website

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