Mobiles are the new ATM

30 Aug 2007

ITEM [via Informationweek]:

patented some mobile banking apps

Insert "electronic voting machine" joke here.

One of the patents "allows mobile phones to interact directly with ATMs and bank systems for cash withdrawals, with protection against card-skimming or personal identification number surfing at ATMs."

I'll be curious to see how they can design that in a way that (1) is faster and more convenient as just using the ATM interface, and (2) is more secure. I guess there's no danger of having your phone eaten by a fake slot, but would a phone be less vulnerable to shoulder skimming or physical theft‾

Or maybe it's one of those conspiracy deals where the ATMs are really e-voting machines, and if you do enough balance checks, Fred Thompson gets elected president or something.

Ha ha.

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