08 Jun 2007

That's according to new research from [spotted via Textually

And out of THAT number, 855,000 handsets are accidentally flushed down loos every year, while 810,000 are lost in pubs.

NOTE: Alcohol may be involved in one of those. Or possibly both. No word on how many phones were lost down pub toilets.

Not unexpectedly, taxis and buses are other common places to lose handsets, with 315,000 and 225,000 phones reported lost, respectively.

Less common is the heartbreak of phones ending up in the laundry (116,000) and, of course, being eaten by the family dog (58,500).

For the record, I have never lost a phone in a toilet, a pub or a dog. I have lost phones in a taxi, an airplane and a fitting room. And I got the phone back every time. But then I'm only half-British.

On the bright side, you're less likely to lose your phone as you get older. Although 40% of under-34's admitted to losing or damaging their handset, this dropped to a mere 16% among the over-55s.

So my odds are improving.

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