Mobilicity speeds to market with «extreme outsourcing» model

20 Apr 2011

In the highly competitive Canadian wireless market, Mobilicity has a very innovative business model for its operational and IT strategy: outsourcing virtually all of its mission-critical functions.

Keeping only core selling and marketing functions, Mobilicity outsourced to the strongest vendor in each business area to achieve rapid time to market, cost-benefits, and business and operational excellence. One of Mobilicity’s major outsource partners is Amdocs.

Mobilicity’s Billing Support Systems (BSS) and third-party sales and enterprise systems are all under one Managed Services umbrella with Amdocs Global Strategic Sourcing (GSS).

With Amdocs’ help, Mobilicity was providing service in only five months and can activate a customer phone in only five minutes (compared to competitor’s 40 minute

Amdocs provides flexible and fast change and customization on an ongoing basis, and the Amdocs systems have the flexibility to grow with expanding subscriber volume and product diversity. The multi-year agreement with Amdocs will help Mobilicity continue
to shape its innovative competitive strategy and lead the market.

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