MoMo highlights mobile innovation in SEA

John C. Tanner
20 Jun 2012

MobileMonday has released a study that highlights the role of Southeast Asia as a hotbed of mobile innovation to encourage mobile-related start-ups outside of Asia to seek partnership opportunities with local players.

The report - "Crossroads of Innovation: Mobile Southeast Asia Report 2012" - covers Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and showcases hot mobile user trends in each market, such as mobile payments in Singapore and social networking in Indonesia.

However, the report also includes details on innovation networks, accelerator programs, incubation facilities, competitions and awards for mobile start-ups in SEA ‹ including MobileMonday, Startup Saturday, Clearbridge Accelerator, NUS Entrepreneurship Center, NTU Ventures and JFDI Bootcamps ‹ that play a crucial role in sustaining a regional innovation ecosystem for mobile start-ups.

"Usually start-ups here look West for partnership opportunities," said MobileMonday CEO JariTammisto. "We want to encourage then to look East and South as well. We want to help bring the most innovative companies here to partner with local companies."

Tammisto also said MobileMonday is keen to establish Singapore as a "concrete physical hub" for start-up activity.

"We've been looking at establishing a Mobile Monday alliance in Singapore to facilitate collaboration, help these companies come out here, set up regional offices and target local start-ups in Southeast Asia," he said. "This is our corporate responsibility ‹ to harvest more value and bring it to the community, and help hook companies and individuals together."


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