More than half on online viewing done on mobile devices

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04 Oct 2016

Mobile devices, for the first time, now account for more than half of all online viewing, and compares video engagement between iOS versus Android users, according to the second-quarter 2016 Global Video Index from Ooyala.

The report continues a quarterly analysis of the growth of programmatic trading, as well as highlights how subscription services can reduce churn.

Findings show that heavy users visit advertising video-on demand (AVOD) news sites 37% more during the work week than on weekends, according to the second-quarter.

These “power users” also prefer computers to consume content for longer periods, compared to the average user who uses a mobile phone.

As for AVOD entertainment sites, power users watch 17% more content on Thursdays and Fridays than Monday through Wednesday, and 37% more than on Saturday and Sunday.

Also, for subscription VOD (SVOD) entertainment sites, 76% of power users visit two to three days a week, with peak viewing occurring Friday and Saturday. Mondays see the least traffic from power users.

In transaction-based VOD (TVOD) sites, power users produce the slowest traffic early in the week, but on the weekend stream about 13 times more content than during the week.

For the first time, mobile devices now represent more than half of all online viewing, reaching nearly 51%. This is a 15% increase from one year ago and 203% from 2014.

Smartphones made up 43% of all video views, a 10% increase from one year ago, while tablets made up the other 8%, which is a 51% increase from the same time period.

“The findings in the report further manifest the utmost importance of having a proper analytics solution that gives granular insight into your video business,” said Belsasar Lepe, Ooyala co-founder and SVP of products and solutions.

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