MWC: Big data and the issue of trust

Joseph Waring
28 Feb 2014

Companies need to start giving customers control of their personal data. As more data is shared through mobile, there is growing concern about privacy so it’s critical companies hand over control to consumers as much as possible, says SK Planet CEO Jinwoo Soo.

“They need to be as transparent as possible and make it as easy as possible.”

He says companies need to help customers understand what value they can receive in exchange for sharing their data. To build trust between consumers and business players will be very difficult, and no one yet completely solved this problem.

At a Mobile World Congress session on Wednesday, he pointed out it will be a continuous process for all the stakeholders to work closely together to set the rules, develop processes and develop technologies, and also to build a social consensus.

In the post Snowden era, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger said that people are asking more questions about where their data is stored and how it’s being protected. “Awareness has gone up quickly.”

EMC chairman and CEO Joe Tucci explained that there are three elements -- security, privacy and trust. “If I trust someone, I might be willing to give up a little privacy.”

They are interrelated, he said, but they aren’t the same thing and there are three very independent debates, which are totally related. “The debate has to be across companies and across governments and with consumers, who ultimately have to decide to opt in or opt out.”

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