Myanmar telcos launch mobile scam info campaign

10 Oct 2018

Myanmar's mobile operators have teamed up to increase awareness of the importance of mobile security in the wake of a rise in the number of mobile phone scams targeting the nation.

MPT, Ooredoo Myanmar, Telenor Myanmar and MyTel have launched a join information campaign covering various types of mobile phone fraud and steps consumers can take to protect themselves.

The operators said Myanmar's rapid increase in mobile penetration over the last few years has made the market an attractive target for both local and international cybercriminals.

Over the last few weeks, there has been an increase in the number of missed call scams, involving tricking consumers into dialling back premium rate services, as well as smishing scams, involving sending SMS to coerce users into filling their information into an online form believing they are updating their contact details or registering for a special offer from a legitimate business.

The operators are advising their customers not to install applications or download files from untrusted sources, avoid answering calls from international numbers they do not know and hang up immediately on calls where nobody appears to be on the other end.

The advice also covers tips including avoiding providing callers with PINs and one-time passwords, or SIMs from unknown sources, and conducting a factory reset before selling or giving away a phone.

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