Navigating complexity: the quest for true IPX

John C. Tanner
01 Mar 2014

With the bustle of activity on the IPX front, Telecom Asia revisited the state of IPX in the mobile sector and gauged its progress.

In order to delve into what the industry is thinking and how they see IPX networks evolving, we surveyed 170 telcos across the globe and conducted one-to-one discussion with 12 senior executives in the industry to get to the heart of the business needs of IPX uptake.

This comprehensive report, sponsored by SAP Mobile Service, is not only useful to those working with mobile services and wholesale providers, but also to those working in the telecoms industry as a whole. It enhances the knowledge base of peers and customers and enables them to build sound strategies around IPX.

The results of this study should provide you with a clear direction and critical information, equipping you to drive deployments and revenue, generate new revenue streams, plan for LTE roaming through IPX and maintain competitive.

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