Ncell asks customers to turn off unused service

Staff writer
18 Feb 2016

Ncell, a private owned mobile network operator in Nepal, has taken a new initiative to reach out to the customers that have activated various services on a recurring mode and supporting them deactivate the services in case they are not using them.

The initiative was launched aiming to better the customer experience. Under this, the company is requesting the customers to exercise their “rights to choice” smartly and deactivate chargeable service, in case they are not using them.

This initiative was launched mainly targeting the customers who selected “automatic monthly renewal” while activating permanent services like Personal Ring Back Tone (PRBT) and My5, but do not tend to use the service accordingly.

While introducing PRBT and My5, customers were given options to renew the service automatically or manually each month. Activation of services in recurring auto-renew mode makes charges applicable on a monthly basis.

Following the initiative, around 250,000 customers that subscribed My5 service with monthly auto renewal option, but were not using the service have deactivated the My5 service. Also nearly 1.4 million customers that activated PRBT service under auto-renew option, but had not been using them too have deactivated the PRBT service.

“To the customers who did not remember activation option they selected, deduction of service charge every month could give bad customer experience,” said Milan Sharma, corporate communications expert of Ncell.

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