NEC completes construction of SACS cable

02 Oct 2018

Japanese vendor NEC has announced it has completed the construction of the first subsea cable crossing the south Atlantic ocean for Angola Cables.

The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) has been deployed and is now ready for commercial service. The cable system spans between Angola with Brazil, connecting the African continent to Latin America directly for the first time.

The system uses a four fiber pair configuration to deliver an initial design capacity of 40Tbps. In Angola, it will land at the existing Sangano cable landing station, while in Brazil it will land in a newly constructed data center constructed for SACS and another cable system connecting Brazil with the US.

SACS was partly funded through a loan provided by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation to Angola state-owned development bank the Banco de Desenvolvimento de Angola.

"NEC is honored to have been selected as a partner for SACS, the world's first optical submarine cable system crossing the South Atlantic, directly connecting two Portuguese speaking nations of Angola and Brazil," NEC GM for submarine networks Toru Kawauchi said in a statement issued on Monday.

“Yesterday, all communication between the two continents had to go up north and cross the North Atlantic. From today, this new cable will bring information at the speed of light, improving the connectivity between the two nations and two continents.”

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