Netvigator, Now TV offer 4K all-in-one appliance

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Future TV Asia

Netvigator and Now TV have unveiled “Now One,” a new integrated 4K all-in-one appliance for which customers may from today place orders.
Jointly developed by HKT (operator of Netvigator) and PCCW Media (operator of Now TV) Now One delivers a wide range of features including true 4K ultra high definition (UHD), Internet protocol TV, digital terrestrial TV, over-the-top, personal video recording, and near field communication.

This set of features is made “complete” with a combination of technology from and expertise of appliance manufacturer Samsung.
Throughout the years, HKT has invested heavily in building Hong Kong's most extensive fiber broadband network. This network carries both Internet content delivered via Netvigator broadband service and IPTV content delivered for partners such as Now TV.

Netvigator’s Internet traffic has been growing steadily over the years. In 2015, its average monthly data usage per line increased 50% year-on-year reaching 175GB. The traffic has even surpassed South Korea as a global leader. In addition, another 145GB per month is delivered for IPTV.
HKT and PCCW Media have also anticipated that the emergence of so many set-top-boxes and consumer home appliances is not necessarily a consumer-friendly experience. To make the consumer experience more enjoyable, HKT and PCCW Media have created Now One to integrate the delivery of Internet and video to consumers.

In 2016, NOW TV will also be progressively rolling out a range of 4K content for customers.



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