Network 4 profitable connectivity

09 Dec 2011

This white paper describes why it is important for network operators to adopt a new approach to network design, what the networks must achieve in terms of their key operational characteristics and how certain design principles can be applied to fulfill these objectives.

Network operators should use the design principles outlined in this paper to maximize the total value of ownership of their networks allow them to play a key role in delivering rich media services, as well as to actively manage the forecast global growth in connected devices.

Designing a network for a chosen market position relies on exploiting three key network characteristics: scalability, to cope with growth in the number of connected devices, traffic volumes and control-plane load; smartness, to add value to the service traffic carried; and superior performance, to delight customers with rapid service introduction and excellent QoE.

The most important design principles include taking a holistic perspective to avoid sub-optimization, including sufficient enabling functions and ensuring that these can then be activated by operational support and policy-control systems.

So, although network designers face a changing and challenging environment, the network is truly a strategic asset that can continue to grow future value for the operator.

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