New Whale Cloud brand launched, spending one billion yuan in the next three years

Whale Cloud
19 Sep 2018

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West Lake Expo Museum, Hangzhou, Sep 19, 2018 -- Whale Cloud Technology Co., Ltd (“Whale Cloud”) launched its new brand in the West Lake Expo Museum in Hangzhou. Whale Cloud executives, global partners, media, and experts from the industry gathered and witnessed this important event, on which Whale Cloud released its news brand and logo to the world and introduced its 321 strategy and product development framework.

A world-leading data intelligence company, Whale Cloud was founded in 2003 as the largest subsidiary of ZTE and has been involved in telecom data processing and ICT domains for nearly 20 years. In early 2018, it became a strategic subsidiary of Alibaba to help enterprises adapt to the digital economy. Today, Whale Cloud is providing digital transformation technologies and services for telecom operators, governments, and enterprises in more than 80 countries and regions in the world.

To Enable High Efficiency and Intelligence in Operations

The digital economy is contributing more and more GDP to global economy growth. China is a center of digital economy, and its economy growth will be largely driven by digitalization in the next 10 to 30 years. “The center of the digital economy is data, and we believe we will outperform our competitors if we possess powerful data computing capabilities. Whale is a symbol of power and wisdom. Naming our company Whale Cloud reflects our mission of exploring unlimited data values”, said Bao Zhongjun, Whale Cloud CEO at the press conference.

The slogan “Data intelligence created unlimited possibilities” shows the company’s positioning. The combination of Alibaba’s cloud computing, AI, and big data technologies, Whale Cloud and Whale Cloud’s ICT capabilities is expected to trigger exciting reactions. Bao Zhongjun said, “Whale Cloud will have in-depth cooperation with Alibaba in technology, marketing, and branding. We will transform from an ICT software provider into a cloud computing enabler, helping customers embrace the digital economy.”

As part of the Alibaba system, Whale Cloud will continue focusing on the telco market while actively expand its business into the enterprise domain and vertical industries related to data processing. It aims to enable more customers to gain data values through integration and analysis of business and consumer data.

To be a global expert in digital transformation

Mr. Yang Ming, VP of Whale Cloud, shared the company’s market and product strategies at the press conference. He said that the company has set a “321” strategy, which includes three core capabilities (strategy, technology, business model, and scientific research), two enablement scenarios (enterprise brain and city brain), and one ultimate goal (customer first). With technology and commerce as its two driving forces, Whale Cloud has positioned itself as a cloud computing and big data company.

Yang Ming said, “Cloud computing, AI, and big data are the foundation of digital economy and our core strengths. Whale Cloud will upgrade its business model toward product-based, service-based, and ecosystem-based” and join hands with 30 operation partners and 100 technology partners to build a win-win environment.

When talking about the changes that Alibaba brings, Yang Ming believes that Alibaba has added Internet genes to Whale Cloud in addition to capital, talents, and technologies, which have significantly improved the comprehensive capabilities of Whale Cloud. The company will invest 1 billion yuan in the next three years in research of basic technologies and theories. It will initiate the AI lab, city brain research institute, and cloud computing application development base programs in cooperation with Alibaba to support quick implementation of new technologies and products.

During the Computing Conference in Hangzhou, Whale Cloud showcases its full-range solutions for carriers and enterprises in booth 405 of exhibition hall C. At the carrier intelligent transformation forum on September 20, Mr. Huang Xianglong, Whale Cloud CTO, will deliver the keynote speech to further explain the cooperation between Whale Cloud and Alibaba for the development of the global data intelligence ecosystem.

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