Next-gen protocols - market drivers and key scenarios

10 Oct 2016

The scope of this ETSI White Paper is to review the drivers for an evolution in networking protocols and associated network architectures for future information communications networking protocols. It provides some background and context along with exploring the rationale behind the work of ETSI NGP.

The paper reviews each fundamental issue and explains the limitations to enable a wider understanding and appreciation of the issues to be addressed. Additionally, it explores the requirements of 5G and other communications systems and how they could be realized far more efficiently through a profound transformation of network protocols, thereby offering improved user plane throughput, reduced latency, reduced energy consumption in both end-devices and networks, and optimized congestion management.

The paper also discusses issues associated with inefficient overlay tunnels which are used to manage requirements such as mobility, device and network management, and security.

This white paper was originally published on ETSI website.

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