Next-gen text messaging

10 Jun 2008

For mobile users who love text messaging, Singaporean incumbent carrier SingTel has something to keep them happy.

The operator launched in April a suite of personalized services that offers mobile subscribers enhanced control over their messaging experience. The service, called SMS Plus, has an automated out-of-office feature and innovative SMS copying and diverting functions.

Similar to an out-of-office email reply, mobile users can set the service to automatically send either a default or customized out-of-office SMS reply.

For those who rely on SMS for work and would like to back up their messages, they can also use the service to copy incoming and outgoing text messages to five email addresses or mobile numbers.

This option provides back-up storage for messages that a recipient may lose should anything happen to his/her handset or SIM card, said Wong Soon Nam, SingTel's VP of consumer marketing of consumer marketing.

SMS Plus users also have the flexibility to divert incoming text messages to one email address or to another mobile number.

"With SMS Plus customers can now effectively manage and control the delivery of their SMS to suit their individual schedules and preferences," Wong said.

Since SMS Plus is network-based, users don't need to download a client to get it to work. Also, the services will remain in effect even if a subscriber changes handsets, Wong added.

The service is offered as a monthly subscription of S$2 ($1.50) or a pay-per use choice of S$0.5 ($0.4) per service activation.

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