Next generation broadband access

Next generation broadband access

Broadband Forum  |   December 01, 2009
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Broadband access has reached yet another generation, thanks to the continued advancements in DSL, introductions of passive optical networks (PONs), optical Ethernet fiber to the premises (FTTP), and wireless access via Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) or Long Term Evolution (LTE) in the last mile.

The landscape of broadband technologies has grown more capable and complex with the addition of these exciting alternatives. Decision makers and technologists alike are faced with choices on access technologies and network architectures that have long-term implications.

This white paper provides an overview of next-generation access technologies, and show how these new technologies can both enable new services and still coexist with, and make use of, currently deployed broadband access infrastructure.


Broadband Forum

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