Nexus S will have new antennas, little else

Mark Jones/Rethink Wireless
30 Nov 2010
Daily News

Samsung's Nexus S has popped up at the FCC over the weekend with a couple of new additions, although not the ones that were hoped for.

A recent leak revealed that Samsung's GT-i9100 could be the first dual-core Galaxy 2 and it seemed possible that the successor to the Nexus One, the GT-i9020T, would also feature a dual-core chip.

The device has now been spotted passing through the FCC again with the addition of two new antennas but not a dual-core processor.

The two new antennas only add Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, but it has been revealed that there's a version of the device with an EU label on the way, so it looks like it will be coming to Europe as well.

Rumored specs for the device are pretty much standard for a Galaxy S handset - a 5mp camera, 512MB of RAM and a 4" screen. Powered by a 1.2GHz processor, it will be a capable handset, though a dual-core chip would have helped to set it apart from other Samsung devices.

Internal storage is expected to be a generous 16GB. The latest FCC leak at least confirms that it will feature Wi-Fi and GPS, but that was a given already.

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