NexusOne parts cost $174, says iSuppli

Staff writer
11 Jan 2010
Daily News

NexusOne, the new Google-designed Android handset, is made of components worth $174.15, according to a teardown by iSuppli.

The phone, made by Taiwan-based HTC, is on sale in the US, at an unsubsidized price of $529 for an unlocked phone, or for $179 with a two-year contract from T-Mobile.

The figure includes only hardware and components, and does not take include other costs such as manufacturing, software, accessories and royalties, the research firm said.

iSuppli said that while the phone contained features seen in other smartphones – like the unibody construction and the “blazingly fast” Snapdragon processor – this was the first they had been combined into a single design.

“This gives the Nexus One the most advanced features of any smart phone ever dissected by iSuppli’s Teardown Analysis Service—a remarkable feat given the product’s [bill of materials] is similar to comparable products introduced during the past year,” said Kevin Keller, senior analyst, competitive analysis, for iSuppli.

“With the Nexus One, Google has taken the most advanced features seen in recent smart phone designs and wrapped them up into a single sleek design.”

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