NGN breeds new services, simplifies management

Jessica Scarpati
25 Aug 2010
Bresnan brought its voice and data services onto the new IP MPLS network in April after about a year of planning, testing and implementation. The operator is in the process of bringing video services on board this year.
"We are well positioned now," Pillai said. "We probably have a one-of-a-kind next-generation platform in our footprint."
Since completing the year-long migration of voice and data services to its next-generation network in April, Bresnan has seen network availability improve "as suspected," Pillai said.
The improvement stems partly from the redundancy measures Bresnan took with the deployment, he said. Each core location houses a pair of MX480s in addition to a backup pair for failover in case the primary set suffers from a failed interface or a disaster. Distribution sites use one MX480, as well as a backup router. said. Power supplies are also redundant.
Streamlined telecom network management has also contributed to Bresnan's improved network availability, he said. Once all three services are converged on one Juniper network, the service provider can manage those services through the Junos operating system, rather than managing each service on a separate network.
"It's much easier to manage the network now because it's all under one management tool … [which] simplifies operations," Pillai said. "That also helps from a training standpoint because we don't have multiple types of devices to train on."