Unified messaging comes to mobile

Unified messaging comes to mobile

Staff Writer  |   July 06, 2007


It's a whole new area for us to try, but one problem is that the use of voicemail is far less prevalent in the Asian market, so it is more like a completely new product for consumers. It's a little more of a challenge."


Carriers such as Vodafone or, more recently, Cincinnati  Bell in the US, that provide can either provide it as part of a packaged plan for high-value customers or simply set a price point for the service. "Most carriers charge for it as a value-add service," he notes. Cincinnati Bell, for example, offers subscribers several price packages that start at $4.99 a month. The regional carrier intends to offer it to wireline customers later this year.


Some 46 carriers around the world are testing the service and at least 12 plan to deploy it this year, according to Doulton.


He says the service is a convenience that helps carriers retain customers, cut churn and generate revenue through increased traffic. He notes carriers that have offered the service have seen text messaging and voice messaging volume more than 7%.




The premiums are of two

The premiums are of two types. The wow gold yearly renewable premiums increase each year. The level term premiums remain constant aion gold and is a good option too.

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