Nokia drives advance operators to digitalization

Staff writer
20 Sep 2017
Daily News

Nokia is making available by the end of September its Nokia Developer Portal, which will provide secure access to products using application programming interfaces (APIs) and enable third-party developers to build and test the interoperability of solutions with Nokia AirGile cloud-native core products.

Nokia AirGile cloud-native core is the new name for an expanding portfolio of products that allow operators to implement the agility, scalability, programmability and reliability of the cloud into their networks.

Nokia is also making the Shared Data Layer available on the Developer Portal. Using APIs, developers will be able to securely use information such as policy, charging and subscription data, in line with country regulations and customer permission, to develop and test location-based, big data analytics and network diagnostic applications.

The Shared Data Layer also enables the creation of virtualized 5G network functions using a highly reliable and resilient data storage mechanism.

Also, Nokia continues to foster the growth of a vibrant cloud ecosystem on the Open Ecosystem Network. New Shared Data Layer and Telecom Application Server communities are being added and the existing CloudBand Application Manager ecosystem is being integrated.

"By applying the capabilities of our AirGile cloud-native core portfolio to the Developer Portal and Open Ecosystem Network, we can bring a host of market players together to dynamically develop compelling applications that the market has a real need for,” said Michael Clever, head of the Cloud Core business at Nokia. “Ultimately the communities will develop and grow a suite of tools and services that will enable the next generation of communications."

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