Nokia studies business case for 5G

With the 5G era fast approaching, Nokia has released the findings of a series of studies into the potential benefits and return on investment for the emerging mobile technology.

The vendor said in-depth analysis of how 5G will perform in real networks found the technology can increase capacity by 40 times compared to 4G.

This makes 5G the only commercially viable technology for the delivery of a true immersive VR video experience to large audiences, and deliver the performance required for advanced industrial applications.

In terms of RoI, the analysis indicates that investments in 5G to the home will break even after four years if the monthly average revenue per user remains above €40 ($42.90).

Investments in 5G events and hotspots, in locations such as stadiums meanwhile have a one year RoI period assuming at least five events per month.

"While market news has recently focused on the announcement of 5G technologies that drive increased network performance, it's important to discuss how these low latency broadband connections will translate into customer value,” Mobile Experts principal analyst Joe Madden said.

“With the publication of the two new studies and its 5G Acceleration Services, Nokia is showing operators and enterprises how they will be able to benefit from early 5G deployment."

Nokia's 5G Acceleration Services aim to help operators and enterprises identify how the move to 5G will enable them to deliver transformational new services and create new revenue streams.

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Stefan Hammond

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Stefan Hammond

All examples of simple, robust, reliable devices with a long shelf life

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