Nokia to support Fujitsu's global cloud expansion

30 Nov 2017
Daily News

Nokia's SDN venture Nuage Networks has secured a deal to expand Fujitsu's cloud service the Fujitsu Enterprise Cloud Service K5.

K5 is the world's largest OpenStack cloud service, providing infrastructure as a service using virtual machine and bare metal services.

Nuage will provide its Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) for the expansion to help Fujitsu expand its service to new centers in Singapore and Australia. K5 is already offered from data centers in Japan, Europe and North America.

The upgrade will be initially deployed on the data center in Japan, allowing enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation by moving their existing server infrastructure into K5 data centers.

"The Nuage Networks VSP is ideal for its ability to integrate directly with OpenStack and provide our customers with a highly customizable and flexible IaaS platform for supporting a wide variety of cloud management systems and applications," Fujitsu head of digital business Masahiro Ohta said.

“The Fujitsu K5 IaaS service is unique for its early support of the emerging OpenStack Ironic project, which provides support for bare metal services,” Nuage Networks CEO Sunil Khandekar added.

“Our Nuage Networks team worked closely with Fujitsu to develop this first-of-its-kind implementation into production, showcasing Fujitsu's leadership in the Japanese and worldwide market. This is in keeping with our commitment to enable the seamless consumption of resources and services hosted within public clouds."

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