Carbon Impact Assessment

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07 May 2008


Sustainable practices bring competitive and environmental benefits

Environmental credentials are now high on the list of your customers' purchasing criteria, second only to performance and cost. So more sustainable operations give you both competitive and environmental advantages. In addition, identifying efficiencies and adopting new ways of working can reduce your energy costs. It's a win-win proposition both for your organisation and the environment.

Measuring your real carbon footprint

BT created the Carbon Impact Assessment solution framework to help assess and measure your carbon footprint, and identify possible targets for reducing emissions.

Tailored to your needs, the Carbon Impact Assessment determines the carbon footprint of any area of your business and enables scenario planning to model how energy and emissions reductions can be improved. Following the assessment - which will involve information gathering and usually a site visit - BT offers feedback and findings on your organisation's carbon footprint. A set of recommendations are then discussed, including suggestions about how BT's networked IT services can assist in reducing these emissions.

BT is an established leader in deploying networked IT services that credibly and demonstrably improve business performance and reduce carbon footprint.

Build sustainability through Carbon Impact Assessment

The advantages of a proper assessment of your carbon footprint, and the effectiveness of BT's networked IT services in carbon reduction, have been demonstrated by their use within BT.

A recent audit of the energy consumption at ten of BT's data centres has identified opportunities to decommission or consolidate around 3,000 servers, reducing electricity consumption by 23GWh a year and reducing CO2 emissions by 3,300 tonnes.

Reducing your carbon footprint can mean lowering your energy use, an immediate benefit in times of high energy prices. Changing behaviours is as important as changing infrastructure. Carbon footprint-reducing solutions such as BT Flexible Working and Unified Communications might be recommended - and can cut costs and minimise carbon impact by reducing travel and real estate requirements.

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