NOW Telecom details «NVNO» model

02 May 2019

The Philippines' NOW Telecom has introduced a new model aimed at partnering with small and medium sized businesses to deliver wireless broadband services to individual areas.

The company's new NOW Virtual Network Operator (NVNO) model will see the operator partner with SMEs and even individuals to bring NOW's fixed wireless broadband technology to a particular area, the Manila Bulletinreported.

The SMEs will be given exclusive distributorship rights over the broadband services in the given areas, which could be an office building or a local village area.

NOW plans to enter five year business partnerships under a revenue sharing model. The business partner would be responsible for selecting the area, selling the product, marketing and installing the service and ensuring payment by subscribers.

NOW's Fiber in the Air service is a fixed wireless broadband internet service that provides guaranteed broadband internet for enterprises with a capacity of 2.4Gbps.

To be selected, business partners will have a local business in the area and a strong local influence.

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