NTT Com begins rollout of enterprise mail in Taiwan

Staff writer
26 Mar 2014
Product and services

NTT Com announced that its Enterprise Mail cloud service is available effective immediately in Taiwan.

The service also will be launched in Singapore and Vietnam in July. Availability in other markets in Asia, Oceania and the US, are forthcoming.

Enterprise Mail supports intra-company communications as a webmail solution with an enterprise-oriented user interface and advanced search functions.

It can be bundled with optional functions for schedule sharing, facility booking and processing/sharing files with tracked changes and comments.

Enterprise Mail can be adapted for a small number of IDs, as in the case of companies starting up global bases on a modest scale.

Enterprise Mail’s global address book displays multiple layers organized by user countries and domains, which helps to simplify communication in corporations operating in multiple countries.

All addresses can be viewed on a global list. Users will eventually be able to manage Enterprise Mail from NTT Com’s Business Portal, which provides customers with comprehensive control of everything from network to services.

NTT Com’s global carrier cloud infrastructure, operating from 11 bases in nine countries/regions, provides a platform for cloud services.


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