NTT Com delivers cloud-based voice services

Staff writer
16 Dec 2013
Product and services

NTT Com will deliver a cloud-based unified voice-communication solution incorporating its “Arcstar UCaaS” and other technologies, for All Nippon Airways (ANA) Group.

ANA Group employees are expected to use the solution for communications at offices, airports and remote locations worldwide. Services will be introduced sequentially starting in 2014.

Arcstar UCaaS is a unified communications service that can be utilized on a global seamless basis. NTT Com’s solution for ANA will facilitate access to internal and external lines from office and remote IP phones, as well as smartphones and tablets.

Cloud-based address books can be accessed securely from mobile devices. A MDM (mobile device management) function will provide remote device lock, remote data deletion and other security measures for lost or misplaced smartphones and tablets.

Services will be provided via cloud infrastructure, which will ensure scalability and quick, flexible changes, such as the addition of new conferencing functions.


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