NTT commits to true cross-Pacific 100G

Rob Powell/Telecom Ramblings
07 Nov 2011

Japanese telecommunications giant NTT Communications has committed to putting true 100G to use on its PC-1 cable.

It was just last month that their subsidiary Pacific Crossing took Infinera’s 100G DTN-X solution for a successful spin, apparently it went even better than expected.

The upgrade will be in place by mid-2013, and is expected to more than triple the cable’s total capacity to 10Tbps.

For several years now, NTT has been looking for a 100G solution to get behind. But looking to put it on a TransPacific cable so soon shows just how important the PC-1 cable is to NTT’s global network. They acquired it just a couple years ago, and have put large amounts of traffic across it ever since. With 100G technology in place, they should be set for a few more years at least.

While the release didn’t actually say there was a contract in place, the news is still a big vote of confidence for Infinera’s newest technology.

The DTN-X won’t even hit the market until sometime in the first half of next year, yet has a global Tier 1 carrier lining up. If it’s ready for transpacific work, it’s surely ready for shorter transatlantic routes too, not to mention your everyday terrestrial routes.

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