Ofta to auction off more spectrum for mobile data

Robert Clark
23 Nov 2009

Ofta has proposed an auction of another 30 MHz in spectrum to support the heavy growth in mobile data in Hong Kong.

It has begun a consultation about the possible sale of 850 MHz, 900 MHz and 2 GHz frequencies bands, and has called for expressions of interest.

Ofta is considering the sale of paired 832.5-837.5 and 877.5-882.5 MHz, and 885-890 MHz and 930-935 MHz bands, and unpaired 2010-2019.7 MHz spectrum.

It would sell the 800-900 MHz spectrum in paired 5 MHz blocks, with the 2 GHz frequencies to be sold in two blocks of 4.8 MHz and 4.9 MHz.

“No spectrum cap is contemplated and bidders taking part in the auction may bid for one to all four frequency blocks,” it said.

The regulator said mobile data usage in Hong Kong had increased 13-fold in the last two years.

“With a view to meeting the need of additional frequency spectrum for capacity expansion and enabling further service development, the Government has proposed to release a total of 29.7 MHz frequencies for bidding in an open auction,” it said in a press release.

Deadline for expressions of interest is January 20, 2010.

In a consultation paper, Ofta also said the 930-934 MHz range had been set aside for GSM-R to support the new Hong Kong-Guangzhou cross-border railway.

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