Ofta delays mobile TV auction

Nicole McCormick
Daily News

Hong Kong regulator Ofta has set a new date of June 28 to auction spectrum for mobile TV purposes.

“The TA [Telecom Authority] conducted a one-week consultation in response to the requests from three interested parties to extend the dates related to the [original May] auction by up to four months,” Ofta said.

“Having considered the requests, the submissions and the latest market environment, the TA decided to give a six-week extension.”

Ofta plans to allocate 8 MHz in the UHF 678-686 MHz band for “broadcast-type mobile TV services.”

A trial auction will now be conducted over June 22-23.

Initial interest from existing mobile operators was weak. So far none of the territory’s five operators has said it would bid for a license.

China Mobile HK, whose parent has rolled out a mobile TV network across China, was one of those who said it was still weighing its options.

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