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Open to all

Staff writer  |   March 31, 2011
With Google's Latitude pinpointing your cellphone's location to within 1 meter anywhere on earth, it's only a matter of time when, based on your preference for Malaysian barbecue in Vientiane, your trip to Vienna will be punctuated with this smartphone reminder, "20% off Kuala Kumfort Kuisine, 1234 Mozart Avenue".
Colin Jacobs of Electronic Frontiers Australia says: "It wouldn't take long to work out... where you live. I'm not suggesting that someone is going to fire a missile at your house but finding out where you live is very sensitive information to be handled by third parties. I think we'd better get used to living in an age of less privacy.''
The Sydney Morning Herald says that Australians are most willing to give up privacy for more useful, targeted advertising. A study by comScore found that three-quarters of Aussies were comfortable with mobile advertising.
Staff writer
It's not just about growth in data, it's a signaling issue as well


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