Optimizing mobile media delivery and the impact of encryption

5G Americas
31 Oct 2016
White Papers

Media’s share of mobile traffic is experiencing exponential growth with a predictable progress driven future. It is expected that by year 2019, 70% of mobile traffic will be video.

As mobile networks migrate to 5G, the method for video delivery over the network is evolving, especially in terms of encryption and new protocols.

The white paper focuses on three aspects of mobile video optimization: source optimization, network optimization and client optimization.

The source optimization techniques discussed include Adaptive Bit Rate and Video Compression. Network optimization includes TCP optimization, Network Aware Congestion Control, Radio Friendly Pacing and caching. Finally, client optimization techniques include Device Buffering and Server and Network Aware Dynamic Adaptive Streaming (DASH).

The user experience can be enhanced when the source, the client and the network are optimized in relationship to one another.

This white paper is first appeared on 5G Americas website

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