Orange Business extends enterprise cloud

Staff writer
07 Oct 2015
Daily News

Orange Business Services and Google Cloud Platform have announced the interconnection of Google Cloud Interconnect with Business VPN Galerie, the Orange Business Services secured cloud hub.

Through Business VPN Galerie, enterprises will have direct access to Google Cloud Platform data centers in North America, Europe and Asia via a secure, high-performance and managed network with a single and trusted partner.

This collaboration between Google Cloud Platform and Orange Business Services provides enterprises with a network that can deliver business agility and the new ways of working offered by the cloud.

Business VPN Galerie was launched in 2011 to anticipate the growing demand from multinational corporations in their digital transformation for high performance, secure access to Internet-based cloud and web services.

It extends the Orange corporate VPN to the cloud via fully-secured gateways with end-to-end high performance and reliability.

The integration of Google Cloud Interconnect means that enterprises can use Google Cloud Platform services with higher availability and lower latency connections without having to traverse the public internet.

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