Ovum Executive Workshop: Growth Strategies for Incumbents: Best Practices vs. Strategic Dead-ends

04 May 2007

The pressures on fixed operators come from a number of quarters, including attacks on their voice premium (through VoIP) and on their share of voice traffic (through continued erosion from Fixed Mobile Substitution). They need funds to transform their businesses through being the premium providers of broadband. There is pressure from shareholders who want a halt to declining returns.

Cost reductions, the launch of next-generation-network (NGN)-based services and applications, and move towards becoming integrated businesses will be part of the transformation process. However, competition will become fiercer and in some cases from players such as Google, Skype & Yahoo! that have previously been outside the scope of the traditional telecommunications world. This will continue to put pressure on operator's capacity to deliver positive results.

But this time of great challenge and uncertainty not only affects fixed incumbents. All operators are part of the dynamic mix that will be played out this year and in the very near future.

Ovum would like to invite you to an exclusive 2-day workshop, on 14-15 May 2007 in Singapore where leading Ovum experts will explore innovative strategies in order to better compete in the market.

Key areas covered in workshop include:

* Services: Opportunities and Threats

* Next Generation Networks: Providing the basic building blocks

* Access Network Transformation

* Wireless Access Alternatives

Contact Info:Sheila Bernas at (613) 9601 6733
E-mail:[email protected]
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