Pacnet CDN goes live

John C. Tanner
29 Nov 2011
Pacnet launched its content delivery network (CDN) service in Tokyo today, with four regional PoPs and a best-of-breed global footprint via its partnership with EdgeCast.
Pacnet CDN, which is available now across all of Pacnet’s locations worldwide, is offering four main service suites: content delivery services, dynamic content acceleration,content origin storage and value added services such as security, management and reporting tools.
Jon Vestal, VP of CDN products, product strategy and management at Pacnet, says the company will be initially targeting “large enterprises, multimedia companies, online download gaming companies and traditional distributors of large content”.
Pacnet has established CDN PoPs in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, with additional nodes to be added in the coming months that will span ten countries in the Asia Pacific region.
Pacnet is touting its wholly-owned infrastructure as a regional advantage in the CDN space in terms of footprint, speed, reliability, security and a lower cost base.
Also, its partnership with EdgeCast gives Pacnet a global footprint via EdgeCast’s OpenCDN federation, says Vestal.
“That allows us to focus our PoP locations in Asia, which is a market we know and we have the strongest relationships in the network infrastructure, and we can ride on the PoPs of the other federation members for, for lack of a better word, off-net termination into the markets that they know best,” Vestal told “So it allows us to build a global footprint that’s best-of-breed, if you will, in each market.”


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