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Telecom Asia Staff
02 Jan 2009

The Fashion Monitor Toronto reports that although brain tumors have not been proven to be associated with cellphone use, there are other ways to damage your brain while using that mobile. Here are a few:

-A 29-year-old male was talking on his cellphone while on an escalator, fell backward, and lacerated his head.

-A 25-year-old male was talking on his cellphone and walked into a street sign, lacerating his head.

-A 43-year-old female fell down 13-14 steps while talking on her cellphone, after drinking alcohol. She suffered a neck sprain and contusions to her head, back, shoulder and leg.

- A 50-year-old female suffered nerve damage that was related to extensive cellphone usage. She felt pain in her fingers and arm while holding her cellphone, and was diagnosed with cervical radiculopathy, a spinal condition.

-A 39-year-old man suffered a head injury after crashing into a tree on his bicycle while texting, and a 16-year-old boy suffered a concussion because he was texting and walked into a telephone pole.

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