PCCW launches fixed-wireless 4G in UK

Dylan Bushell-Embling
05 Jun 2014
Daily News

PCCW's UK subsidiary, UK Broadband, has launched a fixed-wireless broadband service in central London based on its 4G network.

The company's new Relish service allows customers to access wireless broadband at home or in their office by plugging a small device into the wall, the London Evening Standardsaid.

The service promises speeds of up to 65Mbps, and at prices significantly cheaper than comparable standard home broadband services.

UK Broadband is offering the box free on a year-long contract, or for £50 ($84) on a month-to-month contract. Because the service uses a 4G network there are no installation costs.

The company is offering internet services at prices starting at £20 per month, and is also offering a mobile service at prices starting at £10, the Inquirersaid. The mobile service uses the 3 network. Customers signing up for both services will get a £5 discount.

UK Broadband is marketing the internet service as a way to avoid having to pay for a landline that customers rarely use.

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