PLDT HK trials blockchain-based mobile data trading

27 Feb 2018

PLDT's subsidiary in Hong Kong has completed a trial with DENT Wireless involving using blockchain technology to allow customers to trade mobile data.

During the trial, selected PLDT HK customers were able to use DENT's prototype iOS app to buy and sell mobile data with each other.

The successful completion of the trial was announced at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona.

PLDT HK was established in 2001 to directly serve overseas Filipino consumers, offer wholesale services, and provide high-quality enterprise and value added solutions to PLDT customers. The company acts as an MVNO on csl's mobile network.

PLDT HK was the first provider in Hong Kong to offer electronic prepaid loading, credit transfer, and mobile remittance services. Now the company is evaluating adding blockchain trading for mobile data.

“PLDT HK is constantly looking for innovative ways to serve the needs of overseas Filipinos. Our test customers warmly welcomed the concept of a mobile data trading app which they could easily use to sell data that they don’t need or buy more data from others. We are thankful to all our customers who participated in this test run,” PLDT HK GM Joel Lumanlan said.

Hong Kong based DENT Wireless is developing what it bills as the world's first global mobile data exchange, using Ethereum blockchain technology.

The company launched a token sale in July last year and plans to launch a commercial service in cooperation with mobile operators around the world shortly.

“We are extremely excited about this successful trial with PLDT HK. It shows customers love our mobile data trading app and the underlying technology works seamlessly,” Dent Wireless CEO Tero Katjainen said.

“The implementation and connectivity to the billing system of this operator took only three weeks from start to finish, thanks to the talented team of PLDT HK.”

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